Chauncy is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist who has a desire to help YOU conquer your doubts to step into a confident life you fully enjoy.

Short Version

Hi! I’m Chauncy – born in Oakland, CA and raised by an incredible single mom.
I have a Masters degree in Counseling: Marriage & Family Therapy and am passionate about helping you break free of the ‘mind clutter’ so you can embrace a happy and meaningful life of perfect imperfection!

Much Longer Version

Being a counselor and motivator has been a joy of mine for as long as I can remember!
My first two years out of high school were spent in a volunteer program mentoring youth and traveling across the states to do community service and motivational speaking in high schools. I loved the conversations and connections I was able to make just by listening and allowing people to be fully themselves.

After those two years, I enrolled in a local community college. During that time, I was also working at a bagel shop (The Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy – if you must know). The early 5am shift was my favorite; we had so many regulars with such diverse backgrounds, and it was great getting to talk to them every morning. My co-worker, a self-proclaimed satanist who took her role as a cashier annoyingly seriously, would often comment about how understanding I was of other people and told me, “You would make a good sociologist.” I had no idea what sociology was, but took her comment to heart and enrolled in a class the following semester. I was hooked, and soon received two Associate Degrees: one in Liberal Arts and the other in Social Sciences. Thanks Colleen – wherever you are, you little weirdo.

Continuing my love of learning how the influence of society, culture, and subculture impacts the way in which we think and move through our lives, I transferred into UC Berkeley and received a BA in Social/Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Dance. (It was going to be a double major, but they were trying to get your girl to ’embody the essence of a tree’ for like 3 hours a week, and ya’ll know I really can’t.)

Throughout my time in college, I was volunteering weekly with the youth group at my church. I loved preparing lessons, teaching, and planning events for the kids, but my favorite thing to do was spend one-on-one time with them. It was during these times where we’d go out to lunch, spend time with their families, or go to an event and just hang out. I enjoyed being a confidant and sounding board.

Over the years, my spiritual life has evolved greatly, and I’m not as involved in the church as I used to be, but I cherish those times, dearly. My present journey to an inner spirituality remains the biggest blessing and surprise of my life; I am profoundly grateful to find freedom and appreciation for life in a way I never thought possible!

My love of listening to people, learning from life and wanting to help others never waned, and in 2014 everything clicked – I knew I wanted to become a licensed therapist. I enrolled in CSULA, and received a Master’s Degree in Counseling: Marriage & Family Therapy in 2018. The joy I feel working professionally with kids, adults, couples, and families is indescribable. It’s such a blessing to assist partners in their communication, help families open up to one another, work with individuals through trauma, and encourage others to speak up and ask for what they want.

For me, there’s no greater joy than to walk with someone through a struggle and help them get to the other side. My heart is to help guide you into a life of self-acceptance and empowerment. With these two things, you can accomplish almost anything!