I am so happy you have stopped by.

If there’s only two things I’d like you to think about, it’s the following:

1. You are perfect, just the way you are in this exact moment. There is nothing wrong with you.
If you immediately rejected that statement, take a moment and let it sink in.

2. Absolutely NO ONE benefits when you give into your own doubts and fears.

With this in mind, why not resolve to embrace your imperfections? All the reasons you feel you aren’t good enough are nice, cozy excuses to keep you comfortably living a life that has the potential for so much more! I promise you, life is much more exciting when we finally decide to move through our insecurities.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Is there a passion you want to pursue, but don’t feel like you’re not qualified enough to go for it?
  • Are you worried that people will look down on your creative endeavors, so you don’t pursue them for fear of judgment or scrutiny?
  • Does it feel like everyone else is succeeding in their lives, but you can’t seem to see yourself as successful, too?
  • If you had just a little more self-esteem, would you be living a different version of your life right now?

These questions aren’t designed for us to feel overwhelmed or inadequate; they are meant to help us evaluate where we are right now, and get excited about where we can be in the near future.

To be transparent, I used struggle with these things EVERY SINGLE DAY, and still do from time to time. The fear of failure, judgment, and not being good, smart, or talented enough used to paralyze me. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to accept myself for exactly who I am, and let me tell you something: life is SO much sweeter on the other side of fear.

Walk alongside me on this journey of embracing our imperfections and moving beyond the fear of failure. Let’s live a little bit louder!